Kivu redux.

I’m taking a break from my recent Zimbabwe posts – “recent,” of course, according to my own peculiar lights – to offer a handy reader’s guide to my recent Rwanda/DRC series. I realize, thanks to your comments, that the whole thing was a bit of a mess for the casual reader to follow, so I’m including a link to each of the 25 posts below, along with short synopses to whet your appetites. I hope this helps. Also, I’ve compiled the whole great big sloppy mess into a single Word file. If anyone knows how I can attach said file to my blog for easy downloading, I’d appreciate your technical know-how.

1. You have your problems, we have ours. In which our intrepid writer does intrepid things. (Kigali to Gisenyi)

2. It’s something I think or dream. In which a boat trip is planned, for no good reason. (Gisenyi, Rubona)

3. Everyone’s a businessman here. In which a young man dreams. (Gisenyi, Rubona)

4. It is like paradise. Almost. In which hell doesn’t look half bad. (Gisenyi to Kibuye)

5. The life is good, but it is a lot of change. In which memories are remembered. (Kibuye)

6. The life of the collines. In which we find the girl with the key. (Kibuye, Bisesero)

7. The mystery of the swimming cows. In which cows can swim. (Kibuye)

8. Political unrest and what have you. In which white people do white things. (Kibuye to Cyangugu)

9. Little by little. It is very nice. In which we take a short cut. (Cyangugu, Kamembe)

10. The jewel of the Black Continent. In which our writer faces the Congo. (Cyangugu)

11. Me no money, me no go. In which French would come in handy. (Cyangugu, DRC border)

12. The weather is not good for them. In which we meet an April fool. (Cyangugu to Gisenyi)

13. This is not the real Africa. In which there are wonders. (Gisenyi to Goma)

14. First, you must buy a chicken. In which the armes are most definitely interdites. (Goma)

15. What is my per diem? In which the ghost workers get paid. (Goma)

16. You know, like Vegas. In which there is bottle service. (Goma)

17. Bring us the Chinese. In which we do our best. (Goma)

18. Hell in paradise; or, paradise in hell. In which our writer misses the boat. (Goma)

19. Here there are many thieves. In which we do the town in 30 minutes. (Goma to Bukavu)

20. The fine art of looking fabulous. In which there is awkward silence. (Bukavu)

21. One for the road. In which the road is long. (Bukavu)

22. I am just a poor journalist. In which the Burma problem is dealt with. (Bukavu)

23. In Congo, God Him see. In which to do business is good. (Bukavu to Goma)

24. Save the world. In which a friendship is remembered. (Goma)

25. You have to be courage to live here. In which the whole thing ends. (Goma, Sake, Gisenyi)

Update: I’ve finally compiled the above posts into a single, handy document, which I’ve posted on Google docs here. You can also download the entire Lake Kivu Journal as a Word document, so that you can comfortably curl up with me on your laptop anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to those of you who both made those suggestions, and walked me through the process of figuring them out. If anyone can think of any other technological marvels that will improve this blog’s readability, please, fire away.

4 responses to “Kivu redux.

  1. Hi Chris –
    Enjoyed reading this series!

    To make a Word file or PDF file available in WordPress, you use the “Add Media” button/icon.

    You can see a vimeo dude show how to use “Add Media” button here:

    Also, you may want to make the Word file into a PDF for easier downloading (file will be smaller). If you have Word 2007 or later, you can do this by opening the Word File, choosing “Save As” and then choosing “PDF.” Earlier versions, it’s trickier.

    Now concluding our daily geek-out….
    Email if you need more help.

  2. Just post it on google docs!!!! Would love to get the integrated version.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the input. My technological ineptitude knows no bounds. (No, I have no idea how to post something on Google docs; yes, I’m figuring it out now.)

    Since I couldn’t save the doc as a PDF on my version of Word, I’m going to attach it as a Word file (if my crappy Zambian Internet connection lets me), then see if I can figure out the PDF thing when I’m back in NY next week.

    Thanks again for the advice!


  4. I loved every one of your posts. Thanks for 25 days of excellent lunch time reading.

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