The thing about blogs.

Regular readers of this blog – both of them – might have been surprised, even alarmed, by the frenetic pace of updates this past week. I’d like to pretend this has something to do with a newfound commitment to my duties as a blogger, but the reality is that I’ve been rushing to clear the slate of my posts from Rwanda and Congo so that I can prepare for my next adventure: Zimbabwe, to which I’ll be heading aboard a Citiliner bus in about 90 minutes’ time. Maybe some time in December, I’ll be able to sit down and sort through my notes to finish up my writing on Botswana, too. Of course, I’m not making any promises.

This blog, I can honestly say, has not always been what I’d expected. Despite my best attempts to comment regularly on the goings-on that are going on around the continent, old habits die hard. Commentary just isn’t for me, no matter how hard I try. I guess I’m just a sucker for the rambling, 3,000-word, first-person travel narratives in which my patient readers kindly indulge. For that, I appreciate the traffic. I hope to be clogging up the Zimbabwean bandwidth with more of those missives in the weeks ahead. As always, though, I hope you’ll be patient if I vanish in the mean time.

On that note, see you in Harare.

6 responses to “The thing about blogs.

  1. Ramble away! I quite enjoy your travel writing. Personally, you should write about whatever you enjoy writing. Safe travels.

  2. Looking forward to more rambles, keep it up!

  3. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. I rather enjoy the rambling, 3,000 word, first-person travel narratives. Enjoy Zim.

  5. Travel safe! Which city (or cities?) are you headed to in Zim? I dig your writing on the DRC – I can see that I have a lot of late-arrival reading to do. 🙂

  6. subject-verb agreement

    the best part about your blog is that i can start reading at any time, from any entry point, and get beautifully spun narrative that makes my heart leap. keep it up, kid. xo

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