More grenade attacks in Kigali?

There was a rumor going around Friday evening about a grenade attack in Kacyiru, near the US Embassy, here in Kigali. Now tweets are trickling in that there were, indeed, three fresh grenade attacks last night: at the Kigali Business Center (which houses the infamous Planet nightclub), at the popular hotel/restaurant Chez Lando, and at a bus stop in Kacyiru. This according to reports on local radio. Will try to post more info soon.

UPDATE: The latest news from the Twittosphere is that the reports of last night’s grenade attacks were wrong. Can’t say if this was a case of jittery public nerves or deliberate rumor-mongering by local radio hacks, but either way, Kigali-ites are breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to a night of whoring at the KBC.

2 responses to “More grenade attacks in Kigali?

  1. Wow, seriously?! Thanks for the updates —

  2. Rumours after all.
    Any way I play pool instead of “whoring” at the “infamous Planet nightclub”. You should try that too 😉

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