Ringing in 2010.

Amid all the year-end round-ups, undoubtedly lost in the shuffle was this list of the “Top 2009 Global Pandemic Happenings,” courtesy of The Faster Times.

Notable also were cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe between January and March. This disease of unclean water emphasized the dismal levels of sanitation inflicted upon Zimbabweans and caused 4762 deaths.

Also, giving props where they’re due, we see shout-outs to dengue fever, meningococcal disease, and something called kala azar. 2010, it seems, has its work cut out for it.

Over at The HuffPo, resident killjoy Georgianne Nienaber gives us another lengthy list of reasons why we should feel bad about ourselves (or, at least, the luckless Congo).

Meanwhile, back in Burundi, the new year is off to a sluggish start. Worn out by deadlines and my manic new work-out regimen, I decide to give the 12 o’clock countdown a pass, ringing in 2010 with old episodes of Lost and Evangeline Lilly’s perky breasts. Enough cannot be said about them. Later, apart from the few drunken hoots and hollers from the street below, I doze off on a night like any other. The only difference being the text I get at half-past one, from a Burundian medical student I met on my first day in Bujumbura.

Hi chris !Happy new year2010,may it bring peace on yr pathway,progress 4d plans,wisdom 4d work.Have great moments in afrika!

Oddly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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